Monday, November 5, 2007

Late Night Walks

Princeton is a strange place, because it's very pretty, although, at the same time, deeply flawed. No good central location, no indelible image, except maybe Blair Arch, but that's auxiliary, or Nassau Hall, which is on the edge of campus. Anyways, it was designed piecemeal and redesigned haphazardly, one of those every-three-years-we-have-a-new-five-year-plan-I-use-too-many-hyphens things.

But if you wander around it at night, very late, it all works wonderfully. Maybe it's because of the lighting, which is far too light-polluting, but, I mean, it's NJ, does it matter? or the eerie quiet (tho less eerie than the sunrise quiet bussle, which is just energizing), the, in main, absence of squirrels and abundance of delicious and cute and fluffy bunnies, the relative enlargement of buildings in darkness, the absence of idiot skateboarders... I dunno. Maybe they surrepstiotiously play special infrasound frequencies during the night time so you feel differently to encourage work-abetting insomnia. But anyways, wandering around at 4 am is way more fun than it should be.

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